Finding Vision for Work and Life


The Visionaries: 

Who is holding the 'Vision' that has the potential to genuinely change the way we think, work and live in a way that is commensurate with the finite resources of our planet?

Join an ongoing photo-dialogue with the Visionaries who are imagining new ways of living and working together.

Each morning, there is a moment when the doors of London’s Victoria and Albert Museum open to the patiently waiting crowd outside and… nothing happens… no-one moves….

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"I love Steve’s work.....

......he finds a way to show people as he sees them, in all their beauty and humanity.  His pictures are potent because he gives us an image of ourselves not normally available to us."  

(John Higgins, co-editor, The Change Doctors)

"Steve has a wonderful capability... work with complex situations and dynamics, with a grounded and calm personality, remaining clear and focused under all conditions. He is very intelligent, straight forward and honest in his dealings with his clients, whilst also being innovative, supportive and insightful."  

(Caryn Vanstone, Ashridge)

The Work


How do we provide helpful inspiration, span the gap between our vision and capacity for transformational thinking, extend our language and dialogue, and enable effective transitions?

The Big Questions


How can we reconsider some of the big questions about the potential of generative work, social justice, creativity and sustainability while developing our passion and commitment for the vision of a better world?  Our habitual focus on efficiency and effectiveness, productivity and profit, hierarchy and control are not enough in a world of enormous social, environmental and ethical challenges.